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About San Diego SNF Hospitalists

San Diego SNF Hospitalists are composed of seasoned, Board-certified Internists and Family Practitioners who have extensive experience in the management of complex patients in both the hospital and skilled nursing home setting. In today’s medical environment, skilled nursing facilities do more than care for long term residents; they provide essential treatments to recover from surgery, injuries or serious illness. Our team of physicians will be present at our contracted facilities 7 days a week and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide our patients with superior medical care to assist in their recovery.

Our Vision

Our visions is to enhance the Post Acute Care experience for patients who have transitioned into a skilled nursing facility. By continual monitoring by a primary care physician, the patient can heal at a faster rate.

Our Team

Dr. Kamron Mirkarimi M.D. - Founder

Dr. Mirkarimi received his medical degree from Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science / Chicago Medical School in 2007. He completed both his internship in 2008 and residency in 2010 at Scripps Mercy Hospital, and has continued on as a teaching attending for the Internal Medicine residency program.

Dr Greg Lewis Founder
Dr. Greg Lewis, M.D. - Founder

Dr. Lewis received his medical degree from the University of Miami School of Medicine in 1991. he completed both his internship in 1992 and residency in 1994 at Kaiser Foundation Hospital in Los Angeles. Dr. Lewis is Chief of Internal Medicine for Scripps Memorial La Jolla.

Jame Boyd M.D. - Founder

Dr. Boyd received his medical degree from St. Louis School of Medicine in 1999. He completed his internship in 2000 at the Los Angeles County Medical Center, his first residency in 2001 at the Los Angeles County Medical Center, and his second residency in 2004 at the University of California, Irvine.

Dr. Mark Adrian, M.D.

Dr. Adrian received his medical degree from the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey in 1992. He completed both his internship and residency at Scripps Mercy Hospital in 1994. Dr. Adrian was Chief Resident at Scripps Mercy Hospital until 1996, and has continued on as a teaching attending for Internal Medicine residency program.

Lewis Self M.D.

Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla Dr. Self received his medical degree from Texas Tech University in 1986. He was honored as Intern of the Year in 1991, then completed internal medicine residency at University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas in 1990, serving as Chief Resident in 1994. He then worked as a solo office-based internist until 2004 when he became a full-time hospitalist.

Dr. Douglas Crowley, M.D. - Founder

Dr. Crowley received his medical degree from the University of Hawaii, John A. Burns School of Medicine in 2007. He completed his residency in 2010 at Scripps Mercy Hospital. Dr. Crowley is an active member in the Society of Hospitalists Medicine.

Dr. Sunny Richley, M.D.

- Scripps Mercy Hospital San Diego
- El Centro Regional Medical Center
- Palomar Medical Center

Enoch Wang M.D.

Scripps Green Hospital, La Jolla

Mark Lazarus, M.D.

- Scripps Mercy Hospital, Chula Vista

What Is A Hospitalist?

First defined in the New England Journal of Medicine, a hospitalist is a primary care physical or general internist who focuses on the medical care of hospitalized patients. San Diego SNF hospitalists go a step further by extending care to hospital patients that transition into skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). 

Therefore, our approach to medicine is unique as we provide post-acute care (PAC) services to patients in skilled nursing facilities. Even if we meet a patient for the fist time in an SNV, he or she receives a higher level of care. 

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A Positive Transition

We strive to offer a continuity of care that reduces hospital readmissions and saves on the costs of healthcare. That is because the patient’s progress is continually tracked by a primary care physician. In turn, making the transition to an SNF is a more positive process for the patient.

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Our Transitional Care Services

When patients are experiencing this type of transition, we make sure that all their PAC care needs are met and that only the proper tests and evaluations are performed. Transitional care includes monitoring, pain management, oxygen administration, medication management, and physical therapy.

Total Collaboration & Communication

Because we collaborate and communicate regularly with the patient and his or her family, we ensure that a patient’s care needs are fully met. We emphasize continued monitoring to prevent any complications or changes in a patient’s condition. By taking this approach, we can catch any health issues early and provide the necessary therapies.

San Diego Hospitalists Post Acute Care

Acute Inpatient Care

We have committed ourselves to acute inpatient care that is unsurpassed in the medical field. This type of care is often advised for patients who are suffering from conditions that require speech, occupational, and/or physical therapy. Conditions we often monitor and treat include the following:

Optimizing Care At A Reduced Rate

As primary care specialists in post-acute care facilities, we can boast a level of achievement that has made us a top provider in SNL post-acute care. Not only do more patients return to daily living activities at a higher rate, they continue to receive benefits from outpatient therapies. We lower hospital readmission rates, thereby optimizing care at a reduced rate.

  • In fact, our patients enjoy the following:
  • Fewer emergency requirements during recovery
  • Maintained or increased functionality after discharge

Post Acute Care Team Members

By concentrating on SNL PAC care, we are backed by highly experienced caregivers. We collaborate with team members that include:

  • Nurses trained in PAC or rehabilitation
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Audiologists and speech therapists
  • Rehabilitation case managers and counsellors
  • Nutritionists
  • Recreational therapists
  • Licensed counsellors, including psychologists, psychiatrists, and chaplains
  • Neurologists 

We Are Patient Focused

We believe that our relationship with skilled nursing staff members gives us an edge in reducing hospital readmissions and providing better outcomes. By using a patient-centric approach, we can offer care that leads to better decisions and medical management.

In addition, by managing patient care in a skilled nursing facility (SNF), we have more opportunities to monitor a patient and create a plan of care. We have revolutionized patient acute care by involving the medical team and patient in deciding the patient’s course of therapy. Therefore, we emphasize collaboration and ongoing communication – a continuum of care that is provided at a reduced cost. 

We Utilize Post Acute Care best Practices

As dedicated Post Acute Care hospitalists, we believe that a patient should receive the appropriate therapy in the proper facility at the right time. We also prioritize patient safety. Therefore, we monitor each phase of a patient’s therapy utilizing PAC best practices. By taking this stance, we can avoid unnecessary treatments or tests, and therefore lower healthcare costs.

Skilled Nursing Facility San Diego

Taking Care Of You Right In The Comfort Of The Nursing Home

An ongoing Commitment To Care

Whether you are a PAC patient or are a family member of a PAC patient, San Diego SNF Hospitalists are dedicated to patient care – a care system that is based on compassion, dedication, and excellence. Our commitment to quality is therefore ongoing.

An Array Of Services

The Post Acute Care services in skilled nursing facilities has evolved, and we are proud to be part of that evolution. Today’s skilled nursing facilities treat both short-term and long-term patients. Unlike nursing home settings of the past, today’s SNL’s offer an array of services, including rehabilitative, therapeutic, and medical offerings.

In the past, patients remained in the hospital following medical complications or a surgery. However, today, patients can transition to rehabilitative and skilled nursing facilities to receive the post-acute care they need.

Next Generation Care

We are excited to be a part of the PAC evolution, one that, no doubt, will continue to expand. Trends suggest patients will continue to be admitted to SNLs after hospital stays. Therefore, PAC care can also be defined as next generation care. We are proud to be part of the process.


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