We Bring Hospital Level Care To The Nursing Home.

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We are a group of physicians who extend our services to nursing home patients. Therefore, we see patients in the hospital and the nursing home. Even if we see a patient for the first time in the nursing facility, he or she enjoys greater care. That is because a doctor is still monitoring the patient’s progress. This concept represents post-acute care (PAC), and is the hallmark of the services offered by San Diego SNF Hospitalists.

How It Works? 

Upon discharge, San Diego SNF Hospitalists will continue your care from the hospital to your skilled nursing home setting. Your SNF Hospitalist will also contact your primary care physician to arrange follow-up care.

Our Approach Toward Post-Acute Care Makes Us Unique

We started San Diego SNF Hospitalists to help maintain the maximum amount of comfort and care to a patient when they leave the hospital and move to a nursing home. We believe care should always follow the patient, which is why we have medical doctors come to you.

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What Is Post Acute Care?

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To understand the vision and mission of San Diego SNF Hospitalists, you need to learn more about post-acute care. Post-acute care or PAC involves rehabilitation or palliative service offerings. This care is given after or in place of a stay in a hospital, which offers acute care services. Depending on the level of the care, a patient may stay in a skilled nursing facility, receive continued outpatient therapy, or receive in-home care. 

Benefits Of Post Acute Care

Because of our unique approach to SNF (skilled nursing facility) care, we can provide the following benefits:

  • A continuity of care that guarantees that a doctor will see a patient personally in the nursing facility. This means that patients receive more doctor visits, which also prevents hospital readmissions.
  • Because hospital re-admissions are reduced and the level of care increased, patients save on healthcare costs.
  • This standard of care raises the bar for nursing home care.
  • A primary care physician monitors each patient’s progress.

Continuity Of Care Improves Outcomes

Transitional Care

Patients who no longer require hospital care for acute conditions frequently are discharged to a skilled nursing facility to ensure the proper transitional assistance during recovery. Transitional care may include the following:

  • Medication management
  • The administration of oxygen
  • Changes of dressings
  • Restorative therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Pain management
  • Monitoring

The Benefits Of This Type Of Transition

When patients make this type of transition, they are less likely to be readmitted to a hospital, especially when they are regularly seen by a PAC physician. A physician’s monitoring can prevent changes or complications in a patient’s condition. In turn, the physician and his or her staff can note any problems early and treat them.

When this type of treatment is advocated, patients also receive answers to their concerns and receive help with tasks that may prove to be difficult initially.

Acute Inpatient Care

Acute inpatient care is advised for patients who require physical, speech, or occupational therapies to recover from specific conditions. These conditions may be represented by the following:

  • Stroke
  • Spinal cord injuries, including deformity, paralysis, or surgery
  • Multiple traumas, such as multiple fractures or amputation
  • Neurological conditions, such as multiple sclerosis (MS) or Parkinson’s disease

Managing Care From The Hospital To The Nursing Home Should Be Taken Seriously

What San Diego Hospitalists Offer?

San Diego SNF Hospitalists are distinct as we boast:
  • A higher rate of return to regular daily activities.
  • Patients who receive care in a skilled nursing facility complete their rehabilitation and return home at a higher rate.
  • Fewer emergency requirements during the recovery process.
  • Continued benefits for patients from outpatient rehabilitation.

Unparalleled Post Acute Care

We believe that we can offer patients unparalleled post-acute care. Because we are devoted to maintaining a long-term relationship with post-acute facilities, we have the resources and influence needed to lower hospital readmission rates. Therefore, our patient-focused approach surpasses the standard utilization review process. 

We assist patients in receiving unparalleled care by using evidence-based methods to determine the proper level of medical management. The ultimate objective is to help the patient transition to a home environment in a timely manner. In turn, we facilitate touchpoints for care. Our ongoing efforts leverage our core strengths so we can ensure safe transitions in a patient-centric environment.


We Increase Recovery Goals & Help Avoid Readmission

Again, as a patient acute care (PAC) provider, we follow specific guidelines to avoid hospital readmission. The use of skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) makes it possible for us to identify at-risk patients for intervention before the occurrence of a hospital admission or emergency room visit.

Total Collaboration

We collaborate with hospitals and SNFs to create a patient care plan that will meet the patients’ cure needs. Because PAC offers the best opportunity to lower costs and enhance a patient’s quality of life, it now has become the focus in reducing readmission rates and emergency care.

Enhancing Patient Satisfaction & their Outcomes 

San Diego SNF Hospitalists have modernized PAC. Therefore, we are working at creating strategies to involve the caregiver and patient in decision-making, including monitoring. Our approach requires a high level of communication and the sharing of information. With the ultimate goal of enhancing quality and outcomes, we can realize sustainability at a reduced cost.

Quality Care Counts

We Monitor Our Patients

You Are Taken Care Of

The Proper Care At The Right Time

When a patient is in pain or ill, he or she needs to find a reasonable healthcare solution fast. We believe some solutions promote better care and are safer than other options. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to PAC. We believe that patients should receive the proper care in the right facility and at the right time. 

That is also why we make patient safety a top priority. Along with the course of treatments, we monitor each step to promote medical best practices, thereby avoiding unnecessary interventions. We empower patients through patient involvement and education.

Reducing Waste & Inefficiencies

By avoiding inappropriate utilization, we can eliminate processes that lack quality or that are inefficient. These additional procedures contribute to increased wastes and higher costs. Because we are committed to patient-centric care, we can ensure the appropriateness of treatments, directing costs to only those therapies that are necessary.

Quality Post Acute Care

Working To Achieve The Best Outcomes

San Diego SNF Hospitalists work collaboratively with SNFs and patients to ensure the best outcomes for patients. By taking this approach, patients experience the following:

  • Individualized monitoring and care by a doctor
  • Concierge type assistance at SNFs that offer only the PAC services a patient requires

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Avoiding The Cascade Affect

San Diego SNF Hospitalists want to avoid a cascade effect, or unnecessary tests or procedures. In order to do this, doctors communicate regularly with the patient and patient’s family. The idea is to create long-term treatment goals that will lead to better results. 

In addition, it is important that physicians consider whether tests are warranted. Reviewing evidence-based data assists in the decision-making process and helps in avoiding cascading. 

No process is perfect. However, when San Diego SNF Hospitalists rely on evidence-based information, the standard of care improves. By taking this approach, we can better monitor a patient without performing unnecessary tests or evaluations. 

Establishing Trust

Our goal is to offer PAC care that is measurable, which features efficient teaming. In turn, we can better share accountability with post-acute providers while establishing trust.

By referring to data analytics, we can monitor patients after discharge and offer clearer instructions for at-home care. We want to do all we can to optimize healthcare while reducing costs.

Patient Trust

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